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Welcome to the Real Estate Institute of NSW online learning environment.

This site offers a range of interactive online learning programs that have been created for people from all sectors who want to expand their knowledge or further their careers.

What are the benefits?

REINSW online learning provides a flexible learning alternative, where courses can be undertaken in the workplace, at home or anywhere that an internet connection is available.

The online programs contribute to your continuing professional development and, in many cases, can lead to a nationally recognised qualification.

The mode of assessment depends on the program you undertake. Most courses have formal online assessment. Some programs require additional assessment, involving collection of evidence or completion of workplace activities. This is explained within the course description where applicable.

Plagiarism: Involves using the work of another person and presenting it as oneís own in whole or in part. Plagiarism and failure to adequately recognise sources of information from any other source such as the Internet, published books, periodicals or other students without due acknowledgement given in the text will not be accepted nor tolerated by REINSW in the instance of Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) and Continued Professional Development (CPD) assessment requirements.

Cheating: The use of another personís work as though it were oneís own, with intent thereby to gain an unfair advantage, is cheating. This includes systematic rewording or changing key nouns and verbs, deliberate plagiarism and the taking of unauthorised material into examinations such as notes.

Collusion: Collusion is the presentation of work which is the result in whole or in part of unauthorised collaboration with another person or persons. It is a studentís responsibility to ensure other students do not have opportunity to copy their work.

Declaration: All items submitted for assessment will only be valid for assessment with a completed studentís declaration form and therefore deemed to be the studentís own work. The purpose of this form is for students to declare that they have not plagiarised, colluded or cheated in the preparation of the work and have not allowed any other individual the opportunity to plagiarise, collude or cheat from their work.

Penalties: Penalties for plagiarism, cheating or collusion will depend on the severity and whether the student is a repeat offender, whether there is evidence of deliberate deceit and whether another student has been coerced into participating in the plagiarism and may range from counselling or a verbal warning, or a part or complete assessment resubmit or not competent result for a program or module.


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