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Level 1 Youth & Senior Online Coaching Course

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The AFL considers the role and the responsibilities of coaches to be of paramount importance in the development of players at all levels of the game. The AFL recognises that coaches have significantly more influence upon players than any other person in the game and they play a key role in the enjoyment and retention of players.



This AFL Level 1 Youth and Senior Online Coaching Course is designed to enable coaches, or prospective coaches, to improve their skills and knowledge about the art and science of coaching. It also forms part of the AFL’s overall coach accreditation program for beginning coaches of youth (secondary school aged) and senior (open-aged) footballers.

After completing this course, you should be able to:
• Develop a coaching philosophy and explain how it impacts on the team
• Identify various coaching styles
• Demonstrate appropriate ethical behaviour in accordance with the AFL Coach’s Code of Conduct
• Develop a framework for the catering of different learning styles while teaching Australian Football skills with an emphasis on kicking
• Incorporate fitness into the practice schedule
• Plan and review a yearly plan, a weekly practice schedule and practice sessions
• Implement risk management, injury prevention and injury management strategies for the team
• Plan and review an effective and appropriate game day routine
• Apply appropriate coaching strategies to foster a positive learning experience for all players



2 hours



By completing the AFL Level 1 Youth and Senior Online Coaching Course, you’ll not only benefit from gaining skills, knowledge and values necessary to assist you to effectively perform the multi-faceted role of a coach, you’ll also develop a more positive attitude towards coaching that we hope will inspire you to progress to the next step of coaching accreditation.

Gaining the AFL Level 1 Youth or Senior Coaching Accreditation is a three-step process where you will need to complete the following components:
1. This Level 1 Youth and Senior Online Coaching Course
2. A one day face-to-face facilitated workshop
3. A practical coaching session

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