Volunteer Management for Football Club

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Volunteer Management for Football Clubs

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This course is part of the AFL Club Management Program.
The program consists of three courses:
1. Volunteer Management for Football Clubs;
2. Financial Management for Football Clubs;
3. Planning for Football Clubs.

Each course of the AFL Club Management Program is designed to stand-alone. This allows club members to complete the course/s that are particularly relevant to their role within the club or their own interests.

Volunteers are a vital part of our communities, freely contributing their time, energy and expertise in a wide range of roles. There are many reasons why people volunteer, however research has shown that the number of volunteers in sport is slowly declining.

This course is designed to assist those responsible for recruiting, recognising and retaining volunteers at your club, so that the prosperity of community football can continue into the future.



At the successful completion of this Volunteer Management course, you should be able to:
Define a volunteer;
Outline the rights and responsibilities of volunteers;
Identify the role of the volunteer coordinator;
Recognise the importance of training your volunteers;
Recognise, reward and support your volunteers;
Deal with conflict;
Develop a volunteer management policy;
Identify the importance of succession planning.



1 hr

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