Planning for Football Club

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Planning for Football Clubs

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This course is part of the AFL Club Management Program.
The program consists of three courses:

1. Planning for Football Clubs
2. Volunteer Management for Football Clubs
3. Financial Management for Football Clubs

Each module of the AFL Club Management Program has been designed as a stand-alone module to allow for club members to complete the module/s that are particularly relevant to their role within the club or their own interests.

While the three are designed to be stand-alone, it is important to recognise that this Planning module is the foundation upon which club management is based. Therefore all club members are encouraged to participate in this Planning module and, ultimately the club’s overall planning process.



At the successful completion of this Planning course, you should be able to:
1. Explain why clubs need to plan;
2. Explain the 10 stages of the planning process



45 min

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