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AFL - Codes & Policies



The Australian Football League is the number one sporting code in Australia and prides itself on being a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment for everybody involved in the game. To ensure the industry continues to encourage this, a number of codes and policies have been developed, aimed at reinforcing the expected standards of behaviour across the industry, and ensuring the integrity of our game is maintained.

Whether you are an employee, servant or agent of a club, or a director or volunteer involved in the administration of a club, you are bound by these codes and policies.

This course will provide you with information on the AFL codes and policies and how they apply to employees throughout the industry.



After completing this course you will be able to:
- Understand the key components of each policy;
- Understand how they apply to you;
- Have a better understanding of what to do in certain situations;
- Be able to clarify policy information for other employees



30 min

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